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Negativity and immune response

I live with constant aches and pains in my body. Some of it the manifestation of regular middle-aged wear and tear on joints and muscles; some of it the result of long-held trauma memories and effects of self-abuse. I’m also blessed with a knack for somatizing energy but darn if it’s not tricky to wield positively. A large part of my recovery now is calling on my ability to visualize and manifest body healing. It involves reframing my self talk and awareness about physical discomforts and implementing a gentler more responsive guardianship for this body. Some of this is fun and feels great, and some of it is costly and tedious. But there are no short cuts and I remind myself of this when I want to reach for ibuprofen alone, without inner work and helpful practices.

The easiest part of physical healing  involves money. While money is dear and hard to come by, if you can purchase the care of a wellness practitioner, do so! I regularly get acupuncture and bodywork. Taking myself to a western medicine doctor when ill is a given. But for the type of ongoing depletion I live with, i need to address energetic imbalances that  are the result of my history as well as my lifestyle (diet, activities, thoughts). Know that working with wellness helpers require you do your part. I have to buy into the teas, dietary changes and recommended practices that accompany the treatments in order to achieve real healing. Getting a massage is an internally active process for me as I  do visualizations to clear and move out unhelpful energy and send care for injured areas. I know this sounds froo- froo, but it works! My decreased pain level serves as proof.

I chose this graphic because key to restoring comfort in my body is loving thoughts. I cannot hate my body and heal it. I cannot visualize  healthier joints while also donning stripper type  footwear that exacerbate fragile joints and muscles. And to further complicate things, it is not enough that I wear body friendly footwear; I need to love my body while giving it what it needs. No negative internal talk allowed.This is easier said than done. As a femme, I used to wear those high platform heels and my sense of sexiness was invested in them. Now I have to buck the sexist indoctrination for comfort. And do so without bullying self talk that feed the fears of unattractiveness.

My ankle and knee injuries have proved a good beginning point for me to learn how connect my loving thoughts to physical healing. When I massage them, I visualize discomfort and unrealized wishes literally moving out of them. I pictured gunk with sharp crystalized debris leaving. Then I breathe in healing light and gratitude. I do this over and over, ongoing. I talk lovingly to my body and appreciate it for all it is. And I limit  exposure to things that encourage an adversarial relationship with my body. When down regularly these practices will ease swollen and painful joints; it has worked for me! Sure, some structural damage exists that will require lifelong adjustments, but there is much that I can heal with my consciousness.

Last week I was reminded of the body-spirit connection when I reached a deep shift in realization about past abuses and awoke the next morning with unexplained (to the naked eye) pain in my girl parts. It reminded me that energy is real and manifests on the material level. I am acknowledging the pain as a symptom and working with my wounded self energetically. I believe that the chronic pain I live with will be released little by little with  proper mindset, internal work and help from holistic providers. I do not accept that i have a life sentence with chronic illness and pain. What are your experiences with this?


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  1. thank you for writing about this. I just recently experienced very clearly this connection between the “chronic pain” and my emotional self. I live with a certain amount of pain daily, it is mostly tolerable or perhaps my tolerance is high but sometimes I go into a flare and the pain becomes unbearable. With it comes a load of feelings of helplessness, anger, rage, sadness etc. This last time was a head and neck pain and while my appointment with my rolfer wasn’t for another week, I needed immediate relief and nothing on the physical front was working. So I remembered Dr. Sarno’s work (TMS and the Mind Body Prescription) and started following the protocol of writing down my feelings every day and stopping all external attempts at resolving the pain and instead tackling it on a psychological level. The pain was mostly resolved within 3 days of doing this. I realized upon reflection that as a result of the holidays, then being sick, then having an argument, it sent me into a flare (or rather I somatized the energy as you put it) and the only way I could resolve it was emotionally and energetically. I knew this before but I saw it work quicker than ever before and I could clearly see it for the first time in a long time.


    • I’ll have to look up Sarno and TMS, thanks. Knowing you as an artist, I also think your consistent creative output helps express energy that needs to be released and move in positive vibes that helps boost your health!


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